Generac Generators: Rigging
Laser Packing & Crating (20x30")

-Packed & Shipped to Nova Scotia-

5,000 Pound Print Labeler
Dockside Brewery Tanks
CNC Move (Nakamura WY-100II)
Tool Room Machinery
4,500 LB Safe Move

"Excellent job. I needed a large safe moved immediately. Kevin came right out to evaluate the job then got it done fast. His crew was knowledgeable and professional. They took extra care to protect our floors and newly paved driveway. I would highly recommend." 
-Mark Valentine 
Valentines Diamond Center

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MyWorkplace Office Move
Oslo Switch Plant Relocation
Fall 2019 - Safe Relocation


  • Relocate three large safes to store’s new location


  1. Prepare safe #1 for move

  2. Rig out of current location, line up with the doorway and mobilize

  3. Pull safe out of origin building, load and secure to the truck

  4. Unload unit at destination building, bring it inside

  5. Place safe as directed in the new location

  6. Repeat for all safes.

“I was not asked to write a review for Sullivan Industrial Services – I volunteered.  After 27 years in the same location, I decided to act as my own contractor in our move to a new store.  Trying to comply with permit needs from the Building Department and Planning & Zoning, plus co-coordinating alarm installers, carpenters, electricians, painters, and carpet installers are nothing compared to the responsibility of choosing the right company to move three safes with a total weight of over seven tons.


From the time of my first meeting with Kevin Sullivan, I was confident they were the right company for this job. Communication was good, the estimate came in a bit under budget, they were precise in every aspect – from arriving on time to moving a 5,400 lb safe through three doors with a ¼ in. clearance.  The move was completed on schedule with zero glitches. I could not have been happier and wholeheartedly recommend them.”


-Bob W.

USPS AC Unit Swap
CNC Saw Relocation
Tubodyne 17,000 LB Tube Bender
Lost in New Haven Museum Relocation
Fall 2019 - Boiler Install


  • Rig out the old boiler unit

  • Rig in the new units - Place as directed by plumbing service


  1. Cut railings to create space for move, to be welded back on after placement

  2. Create anchor points for chainfalls and safety hold-backs

  3. Build sled for new units, level off stairs with platform

  4. Safely lower new units down wrap-around staircase to boiler room

  5. Place where directed

Fall 2019 - Tank Demolition


  • Demo tank


  1. Strip all of the external parts from the exterior of the tank

  2. Remove and dispose of insulation surrounding the tank

  3. Cut tank into manageably-sized plates and remove from the building

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